As I write the UK is less than 30 days away from it’s scheduled departure from the EU. What this looks like and in what way we will leave (deal, no-deal) is yet to be finalised with politicians from across the political spectrum unable to agree on the way forward.

It’s a cliche but there’s nothing business likes less than uncertainty. Uncertainty means businesses delay investing in people and equipment, hold back on growth plans and generally put things off until there is more certainty.

We’ve seen this first hand. We offer both standard asset finance facilities (Hire Purchase and Finance Lease) for businesses looking to acquire equipment, as well as asset refinance or equity release, whereby a company can generate cash from its existing equipment to put back into the business. The majority of our recent facilities have been for asset refinance. Businesses are raising cash to provide buffers against uncertainty or to see them through a period where their customers are holding back on purchases.

At Genesis we take a personal approach, #goingtheextramile to visit every customer and understand how their business works so that we can provide the facilities they specifically need.

If uncertainty is affecting your business why not contact us to see how we could help? The one thing that IS certain is that you’ll be able to talk to a person who wants to find a way to help.