Although many businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic a range of other SMEs have seen a huge increase in demand and have had to rush to secure new vehicles, equipment, and staff to meet this. Whatever position businesses have found themselves in, the need to preserve cashflow remains essential.


Asset finance and asset refinance have proved to be vital for many businesses; Hire Purchase and Lease agreements have helped businesses acquire new equipment without huge initial cash outlays, whilst Asset Refinance has released cash from equipment businesses already own.


Genesis recently helped a construction company that had seen a surge in demand and needed to acquire additional machinery. We were able to quickly review the request and put in place a Hire Purchase facility enabling the business to get the machinery it needed, put it straight to work and spread the cost over 4 years helping to smooth out monthly cash flow.


Whether your business needs help or is flourishing, asset finance could be the key to helping your business progress.


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