Traditional asset finance – hire purchase or leasing – is a well known and understood way of acquiring equipment whilst spreading the cost to preserve cash flow.

But what many businesses are unaware of is how asset refinance – raising cash by using the equipment the business already has – can quickly and easily provide them with a cash flow boost.

Whether funds are needed to repay or restructure debts, resolve creditor or HMRC arrears, acquire another business, provide additional working capital to improve cash flow, employ more staff or even provide deposits or funds for new machinery – asset refinance can help.

Businesses receive all the benefits of a normal hire purchase or lease agreement (regular fixed payments, tax allowances/reliefs) whilst releasing the equity tied up in existing equipment to provide a cash boost.

At Genesis we have years of experience providing asset refinance facilities to customers across the country and, because we’re independent and each request is reviewed by person not a computer, we can be flexible in our approach. We’ve previously provided refinance facilities at 100% Loan-to-Value and higher, something other lenders simply say no to.

Why not contact us to find out more and see how we can #gotheextramile to help you and your business.