Working capital is the lifeblood of all businesses – without cash, businesses fail and therefore being able to access cash when required is critical.

There has been a noticeable increase in recent months in the number of enquiries we receive from businesses needing to raise cash. This can be to improve their working capital position or to refinance existing high-cost short term business loans they have taken.

In both cases, customers can make use of Asset Refinance (Sale and Hire Purchase-back or Sale and Lease-back) to release cash by using the equity in equipment they already own or which is already financed.

This has several benefits:

Immediate cash boost The equity in the equipment is turned into cash, which the business can use straight away all the while continuing to use the equipment they already had

Helps with Budgeting Fixed monthly repayments allows for effective budgeting, planning and forecasting.

Preserves or Improves Cash Flow By spreading the repayments over a longer, fixed term Asset Refinance can reduce monthly finance costs compared to Short Term Business Loans

For businesses that have existing equipment asset refinance can be an easy way to raise cash quickly. We’ve previously helped a number of businesses who wanted to raise cash for a number of reasons – from paying off an Invoice Finance facility, settling HMRC arrears to providing a cash ‘buffer’ during quieter trading periods.

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