Recent news has highlighted the importance of cash flow to businesses – no matter how big or small, without cash businesses struggle and eventually fail.

Even the largest businesses can struggle with cash flow – Flybe recently received government financial assistance (as a strategically important business for regional connectivity) when it became apparent that it was running out of cash.

For smaller businesses – unlikely to receive government assistance or forbearance from HMRC – cash flow hiccups can quickly turn into a full blow crisis; ensuring sufficient access to cash is critical to survival and growth.

This is where asset refinance can really help. Raising money against the equity in equipment a business already owns, or which is on finance with another provider, is an easy way to access cash. The process is quick, it uses assets the business already has, and the repayments are fixed over a suitable term (often between 2-4 years).

If you want to find out more about how asset refinance can help your business please contact our team today.