For some sectors the Christmas period is one to look forward to but for others it can be far from cheerful

With Christmas under a month away, the first snows have already fallen across parts of the country and businesses are preparing for what is typically a busier, shorter month than usual to end the year. Whilst some sectors such as retail and hospitality traditionally look forward to December and the increase in sales it brings for others Christmas can be a time that problems mount.

Extra costs, caused by everything from higher energy and stock prices to taking on additional temporary staff or operating longer hours can eat into cash reserves and erode profit margins.

Slow payment by customers who are closed over the Christmas period or demands from suppliers for upfront payment before your own Christmas closure can have hugely adverse effects on cash flow.

The need to invest in additional production equipment or delivery vehicles to meet seasonal demand can result in a cash hole at the busiest time of year.

That’s where an Asset Refinance facility – freeing up equity tied up in existing equipment as a lump sum cash injection into your business – or an Asset Finance agreement – spreading the cost of purchases over several years with fixed monthly repayments – can really ease the Christmas cash flow pressure.

We work with businesses across the country to help them through difficult situations, delivering bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs. If your business is experiencing a Christmas cash flow crunch contact us today to see how we can help.