Equipment Refinance

Asset Refinance enables your business to raise cash secured against the equipment it already owns (or which is currently on finance but has suitable equity available).

Asset Refinance is a popular way to improve working capital, using equipment the business already has. Funds can be released quickly and, with fixed monthly repayments over a longer term than many unsecured loans, cash flow is protected.

What information do we need?

Useful Documents

Asset Details Template
Data Protection Declaration
Bank Statement Format Guide

When a drainage inspection business needed to increase working capital from a a collection of smaller, specialist equipment, we were able to help.

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When a commercial laundry needed funding to pay a VAT bill because they’d used their cash to purchase new stock, asset refinance was the obvious solution.

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When an existing customer wanted to raise funds to help pay off an invoice finance facility, asset refinance was the answer.

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    Please upload the following information (PDF or XLSX format, Max 5Mb):

    1. 6 months business bank statements
    2. Last full (not abbreviated) accounts
    3. Completed Data Protection Form(s)
    4. Completed Asset Details Spreadsheet

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