The finance intermediary is integral to the modern world of business finance, especially since the recent emergence of numerous alternative finance platforms. As a small business it is especially difficult to source the most suitable finance with such a complex and overwhelming array of products to choose from. However, by having access to an intermediary (or broker) you can use their expertise to filter out the best options for your business. We’ve taken a look at the benefits…

We know the asset finance market

When you approach a lender directly, your options may be slightly limited compared to when using an intermediary service. This is because we can match you to a variety of niche lenders – in essence, giving you access to the whole market, as opposed to one single product.

By contacting individual lenders, you could be limiting your options, given there is such a huge variety of platforms and products to choose from. Alongside this, you may be unaware of the alternative and niche finance platforms, that could suit your business better than your originally intended choice. We have access to unique products, such as asset finance, which is catered for by specialist lenders. We will guide you through all of these options step by step and devise solutions you may not have even heard of.

Access to exclusive asset finance markets

Of the numerous asset finance lenders we have access to, a great number of these will not advertise themselves, and plenty only get business via intermediaries. This is how a lot of firms miss out on great opportunities; and in the past, because businesses have been unable to find more suitable lenders, they have just taken the next best thing. This is one of the reasons we’re here – we believe there is a lender for every viable business and we specialise in matching you together.

Creative asset finance solutions

One of the strengths of using an intermediary is that we can act as a bridge between your business and potential asset finance lenders. If one lender is unable to help, we can bring a number of lenders in to provide the finance. For example, we can use one lender to top up a gap in funding from another. The reason this works is because various lenders are able to use different forms of security, and where a lend would normally not be possible, we can broker together a deal bringing these lenders together. A business structuring a deal as complex as this on its own, would require an enormous commitment of time.

Your credit score is safe

We can have discussions about your business, in confidence, with lenders without affecting your credit worthiness. If you were to go direct to several lenders, they are likely to perform checks on you and your business, and this may affect your credit profile; more so, the more lenders you speak to. The way we deal with lenders avoids this problem, as we are able to get straight to the important bits without having to go into too much detail. We’ll let you know which lenders we think match your business and always endeavour to minimise the amount on lenders we put your case to.


When you submit an enquiry, we intend to provide you with an honest answer about your finance enquiry as soon as possible. Our team includes specialists in asset, cashflow, invoice and alternative finance, who all work quickly to assess your business and match you to our lenders’ criteria in order to get you fast and unbiased answers. If you’re a match to one of our lenders, you’ll find that the turnaround is very speedy and if the finance requirement it urgent, this is where we thrive.

How We’ve Helped

In 2014, we were approached by an artisan pie maker who needed to expand. For this to happen, the restaurant required brand new equipment including a new pie press and convector oven.

We were able to use our position as an intermediary to bring together a number of asset finance lenders, who were willing to fund the purchase of this new equipment.

If you require new equipment or stock, paying cash upfront can affect your cashflow, and conserving cash is vital in any business. Exploring your best funding options through an intermediary, will help you spread your payment over time with the most appropriate lender.


Steve Richardson


Steve Richardson

Manager – Finance Team