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Helping an investor
an Events Catering
Business Acquisition.

Events Catering Acquisition Finance

When an investor approached us to help finance the purchase of an events catering business we quickly indentified some issues to be resolved.

This was the investor’s first purchase and they had no investment track-record to show. Additionally, the business was geographically distant from their current location.

However, we always aim to find a way to say “Yes”, and we worked through the issues with the investor.

Reviewing the business plan, understand the investor’s level of day-to-day involvement and assessing the available security we were able to provide an asset refinance facility, releasing cash from the business’ vehicle fleet to provide funding towards the purchase.

Where other lenders would immediately say “no”, we try and find a way to say “yes”. Every request is unique and with our experience we can usually find a way to structure a facility to assist.

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