Equipment Refinance

Asset Refinance enables your business to raise cash secured against the equipment it already owns (or which is currently on finance but has suitable equity available).

Asset Refinance is a popular way to improve working capital, using equipment the business already has. Funds can be released quickly and, with fixed monthly repayments over a longer term than many unsecured loans, cash flow is protected.

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Equipment Finance

We can provide your business with finance to acquire new or used equipment and assets.

Whilst each request is unique, the vast majority can be financed in one of two ways. Which way will depend on several factors, but all of our solutions are tailored to your specific business requirements and situation.

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Acquisition Finance

When the opportunity arises to acquire a business, ensuring funding is in place is critical to a quick completion.

By leveraging the target company’s existing assets, we assist current management (MBO) or external management and investors (MBI) to acquire the business. As an independent lender we can provide the flexibility and expertise required to get these transactions across the line.

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