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Love is in the air…

As we head towards Valentine’s Day here at Genesis we’ve been thinking about what we love, and it’s not the same as other lenders! We love older assets and bundles of smaller assets that others aren’t interested in. As an asset refinance specialist, we’re able to lend against assets other lenders won’t or advance a […]

Asset Refinance

As an asset refinance specialist, we’re able to lend against assets other lenders won’t or advance a higher level of funding than others will consider. Here’s how we helped one business in the run up to the Christmas break release funds from a collection of used vehicles at 100% Loan-to-Value, protecting jobs and helping to […]

Are your finances frightening you?

Are you frightened by unexpected bills, terrified of paying for new equipment or vehicles, or spooked by your cashflow? Asset refinance can release the cash you need to keep November and the following Winter months free from financial demons. With the next interest rate meeting due on 2nd November businesses worried about rising interest rates should […]

Building business resilience – new guide from the British Business Bank.

For small business owners, rising costs can be a real challenge. It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to keep a business afloat in an uncertain economy of high inflation and potential recession. The new Guide to Building Business Resilience from the British Business Bank contains impartial, practical, and actionable information and support to help smaller […]

Focus on refinance: February 2023

Looking to release cash tied up in existing machinery or equipment should consider making use of Asset Refinance. It can be used to restructure existing finance agreements, bring monthly payments down or extend the repayment term. Here’s a business we helped recently by organising Asset Refinance: Request: A food processing company wanted to raise cash […]

Asset refinance – unlock cash in your business

Having access to cash is critical for any business and with energy prices rising, inflation increasing and the impact of COVID and Brexit still being felt now is the time to make use of Asset Refinance.   A business can release cash tied up in existing equipment or machinery, receiving a lump sum to ease […]