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Helping this Electrical Contractor finance a new company vehicle.

Company Vehicle Finance

At Genesis we’re proud to to be a part of the Bank Referral Scheme, working alongside the leading online platforms to enable businesses turned down by their banks to access the funding they need.

When an electrical contracting business in the South East was turned down by their bank for funding they were offered the option of a referral to an online platform that would match them with a suitable alternative funder. Having taken up the offer of a referral the Director of the business was matched with Genesis.

We reviewed the information provided, made an offer of finance for a replacement company vehicle, met with the Director and released funding to enable the acquisition of a Tesla Model S all within a matter of days.

Instead of waiting weeks for a ‘no’ from the bank the business was able to obtain the finance they needed from a flexible, alternative lender who helped them reach their desired outcome.

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