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Asset refinance – unlock cash in your business

Having access to cash is critical for any business and with energy prices rising, inflation increasing and the impact of COVID and Brexit still being felt now is the time to make use of Asset Refinance.  

A business can release cash tied up in existing equipment or machinery, receiving a lump sum to ease cash flow, purchase stock or use for any other business purpose. Secured primarily on the equipment that has been refinanced, the cash is repaid in fixed monthly instalments over an agreed time-period – up to 4 years; ensuring repayments are manageable and providing certainty to cash flow planning.

Alternatively, Asset Refinance can be used to restructure existing finance agreements, bring monthly payments down or extend the repayment term – all to make cash flow more manageable. It can even be combined with cash release to generate a lump sum of money AND bring down existing finance payments.

Deal of the month: Debt Restructure

Request: Established Engineering company needed to restructure existing short-term debt to bring down costs, move from interest-only repayments and pay down the debt over a sensible term.

Issues: Recent acquisition of another company had gone badly, leading to losses. In addition, a large collection of mainly smaller assets were available to refinance reducing the number of lenders willing to consider the request.

Solution: We can consider a collection of smaller assets together, enabling us to provide a £90,000 refinance solution to clear most of the short-term debt, reducing costs and spreading repayments over a longer term.